Asparagus Race

Asparagus Race

Shatavaribelongs to an Ayurveda aromatic plant which contains many benefits in it. It is also called Asparagus. One of the main benefits of shatavari is that it helps to cure pitta or body heat.

Now-a-days women have busy schedules and do not have much time to pay attention on their dietary intake.  Therefore they may face problems in maintaining their physique. It is favourable for women as the reproductive organs are being nourished by this natural product. It helps to improve the fertility power of women. Not only this, Asparagus helps women at the time of menstruation as it decreases stomach ache and boost them up in their hard time. It helps in the improvement of breast milk in lactation of mothers. Moreover, it builds up the immunity system of the body and builds strength in women. It helps in flushing out the damaged tissues and also maintains a healthy urinary tract. For women, it is advantageous as it reduces the chances of miscarriage and abortion.

Old age people can also have intake of this herb as helpful in regaining the dampness in dry body parts of the body, which lose moisture because of the growing age. Those men, who are facing trouble in production of semen, can also have a consumption of asparagus. For healthy living, it is necessary for people to have calm mind and body in good physical shape. The advantages of this herbal product are not limited to this. It helps in proper functioning of brain, eye health, improves digestive system and prevents from various bacterial infections.

Shatavariis found in both tablet and powder form. It can be consumed in milk twice a day. It has one of the benefits of relaxing skin from burning sensation as well. A paste can be made of this powder and can be applied on the burning parts of the body. It can also be taken with fresh water after meals in a gap of 1 to 2 hours. It is advisable for pregnant/lactating women and children not to take this powder as it may harm them. This ingredient in medicines for alcohol de-addiction can help person leave alcohol consumption.

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