Boerhavia Diffusa

Boerhavia Diffusa

Punarnava, known as Boerhavia Diffusa  in medical sciences, has immense health benefits. The name “Punarnava” means “to rejuvenate and renew” the body. The leaves of this plant are very useful in treating pains. The herb was noticed to bring back to life the dead plants and for this reason it was known as “Punarnava” in various villages. The “Renewer” herb helps the body to rejuvenate cells of body and eliminate harmful toxins. This herb is known for its extensive therapeutic benefits in treating various bodily ailments.


Nutritional  constituents of Punarnava herb

The plant is rich in xanthones,  rotenoids as well as lignans.


Health benefits of Punarnava herb

  • Asthma - The Punarnava herb is very helpful in treating various respiratory ailments. It helps relieving the symptoms of diseases like bronchitis, asthma and pleurisy. It also reduces chest congestion by discharging mucus. It treats cough and cold effectively.
  • Urinary tract infection - The Punarnava herb has valuable contribution in treating urinary tract infections as it is diuretic in nature. It keeps kidneys functional and healthy.
  • Insect bites - It is a perfect anti dote for many kinds of insect bites mainly snake bites.
  • Gallstones - “Punarnava” herb helps in cleaning and expelling toxins from the body thereby preventing the build-up of gall stones. It boosts health of gall bladder and increases hemoglobin levels in blood. Also it purifies blood and treats other liver diseases like Jaundice, hepatitis, sluggish liver and spleen enlargement.
  • Skin diseases - This herb is an awesome remedy to boost development of healthy skin. The blood purification properties of Punarnava herb treats skin disorders effectively. It helps in delaying the symptoms of aging keeping it healthy, cleansed and free of infections.
  • Kidney stones - By maintain a good kidney health it helps in eliminating kidney stones.
  • Ulcers - By regulating kidney and liver functions and improving digestion, it helps in easing stomach and preventing ulcer development in body.
  • Arthritis - The Punarnava herb rejuvenates bodily functions and boost bone health. It promotes good health conditions and helps in treating arthritis effectively. It helps in reducing joint pains, muscle pains and alike. It is Anti inflammatory in nature.
  • Diabetes - The Punarnava herb helps in maintain apt amount of blood sugar levels in body. Also it helps in treating other following health ailments of diabetes such as Ophthalmia. It helps regulate eyesight and improve vision.


The “Punarnava herb” has amazing healing properties that make it a perfect ingredient in “navchetna” medicine to prosper the habit of leaving drinking alcohol. Excessive alcoholism can lead to various ailments and ill-health conditions in a person. Thus, it also reduces an urge to drink and heals the defects that alcohol has already made to the body.

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