Pueraria Lobata

Pueraria Lobata

Also known with different names Fenge, Japanese Arrowroot, Indian Kudzu and much more, the plant was introduced in North America in 1876 to prevent soil erosion. However, its use in medicines was very earlier discovered in China in 200 BC. Its advantages in treating alcoholism were discovered in 600 AD. Today it is widely used in treating alcoholism and to reduce the symptoms of heavy hangover.

Nutrition facts Kudzu is a rich source of antioxidants found naturally. It has a variety of phyto chemicals. It helps in treating various diseases and preventing the symptoms. The kudzu plant is also a rich source of isoflavone compounds that include puerarin, tectorigenin, daidzein and daidzin. The phytochemical quercetin helps in relieving inflammatory symptoms and it has anti histamine properties as well. The genistein helps in extracting free radicals out of the body.

Health benefits:-

  • Treating alcoholism - Kudzu herb has shown promising resultys in treating alcoholism by reducing an urge for having alcohol in a person. Not just it helps in reducing the urge to drink but also healps in preventing the hangovers. It helps in alcohol addiction withdrawal. Kudzu powder taken daily can help a person in leaving drinking habit. The “Navchetna” has a good amount of kudzu as an important ingredient.
  • Reducing stress - The herb has beta blocker component that helps in decreasing raising pulses in body and thereby reducing stress. Many people drink alcohol to reduce stress, and thus this herb is beneficial in making a person to quit habit of drinking.
  • Helps Reduce weight – Kudzu herb helps in weight loss by melting out fats and flushing out extra calories from the body.
  • Treats various allergies – Kudzu herb helps in treating blood disorders and skin problems. It helps in relieving from various allergies and diarrhea.
  • Treats heart problems and blood pressure – Kudzu helps in treating various heart problems and maintains good heart health. It helps in reducing high blood pressure and also stimulates regeneration of liver tissue. The antioxidants contained in kudzu helps in getting the body rid of harmful toxins.
  • Treats hormonal issues - The isoflavones contained in kudzu also helps in protecting the body against hormone related issues. It also helps in easing menopausal symptoms, helps in preventing breast cancer and prostate cancers. Owing to its rich content of vitamin E, it helps in preventing cancerous agents. It helps in preventing free radical damage to DNA. 

Kudzu tea benefits in improving blood supply to brain and to those suffering from atherosclerosis are also benefited. It helps in alleviating the menopausal symptoms along with improving an overall cardiovascular health. Also it is very useful in treating migraines and headaches. It helps in reducing dizziness and pain in neck and back. The herb is widely pronounced for its benefits in treating alcoholism. It helps in making a person to leave the addiction of alcohol drinking. 

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