Pueraria Tubberosa

Pueraria Tubberosa

Kudzu is a king of climbing plant that has a characteristic of covering a large portion of land very quickly. It is the reason why it also helps in termination of soil erosion as it binds the soil and prevents from eroding. The roots, leaves and flowers of kudzu are beneficial in making medicines. It is basically helpful in curing alcoholism. This medicinal plant has many advantages which are as under:

Treatment of alcoholismFor those people, who excessively take alcohols, can get rid of it by consuming kudzu medicines. If they want to give a chance to themselves in removing such addiction, they will experience the progressive change in them within a week. It may not completely remove drinking habits from them but decrease the desire of drinking.

Treatment of diabetic nephropathy- Intake of 750 mg puerarin, a chemical present in kudzu daily by mouth can relieve the diabetic patients who are suffering from kidney diseases. Daily intake of about 300 mg of kudzu extract by mouth for a time period of 12 weeks can help people in showing results of weight loss and maintaining a good body mass index of people who are overweight.

However, there are some precautions to be taken by pregnant women. It is recommendable for pregnant/expecting women to avoid using kudzu products. They can consult to their doctors for its usage. It may act like estrogens and adversely affect hormones and lead to breast cancer, uterine cancer etc.

People, who are prone to liver diseases, should take a prescribed quantity of this herb as it can help in making their condition better than before. It can improve liver functioning. People with low blood sugar levels may also consume this herb to improve their health conditions. For Diabetics, it may help to lower the sugar levels of the body and make a patient healthy. However, it is necessary to have correct information of sugar level before taking these medicines.

In total, there are various positive consequences of kudzu intake. Medicines for alcohol de-addiction containing Kudzu as an ingredient can help greatly in improving the condition.

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