Silybum Marianum

Silybum Marianum

Being used as an herb to boost the health of liver, gall bladder and kidney, Milk thistle has recognized its relevance in Asia for thousands of years. The herb is pronounced for its array of beneficial effects in promoting overall health of a person. Though it is native to Mediterranean but now is plated worldwide, it has great anti inflammatory and anti viral properties. The herb earned its name owing to the release of a milky sap when the leaves are crushed.

Nutritional facts - The milk thistle contains anti oxidant, anti inflammatory and anti viral properties owing to natural compounds such as EGCG (compound of green tea), curcumin (found in turmeric), silymarin and silybin. It has iron overload and helps in treating gall bladder disorders, jaundice and hepatitis.

Health benefits of milk thistle –

  • Liver health - The content of silymarin, silybin and antioxidants in milk thistle helps in maintaining a good liver health by flushing out the harmful toxins from body. Also it helps in protecting body against the cancerous tissues. The anti inflammatory properties of milk thistle also help in regulating metabolism of the body. Milk thistle also has anti viral properties that make it an ideal ingredient for any medication use.
  • Kidney health - By stimulating the regeneration of cells in body, milk thistle helps in maintaining a good kidney health of body. It can also benefit a patient suffering from dialysis.
  • Heart health - By increasing the levels of HDL cholesterol in body, milk thistle has proved beneficial in maintaining an overall good heart health of the patients. Also it helps in reducing high blood pressure.'
  • Brain health - The advantages of milk thistle can also be found in protecting and boosting brain health owing to its neuro-protective properties. Milk thistle is advantageous in treating multiple Parkinson’s disease and sclerosis as well.  The studies have also shown positive results in treating Alzheimer’s disease in patients consuming milk thistle.
  • Diabetes - The consumption of milk thistle in diabetic patients for four months on regular basis has shown a reduction in their blood sugar levels and improvement in their glycemic profiles. Also it has shown reduction in bad cholesterol from the body and maintaining a good LDL cholesterol level.

All the above mentioned diseases are an outcome of alcoholism. Thus, this as an ingredient in “navchetna” helps in relieving an alcoholic person from after symptoms of drinking.  

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